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Our Background & Approach

Founded in the wild Atlantic Ocean, Surf Survival is the Platform where you can learn everything you need to know to stay safe in the open water. Our courses are created and designed by highly qualified and experienced Lifeguards, Swim-, Surf-and Freedive Instructors as well as big wave surfers. Hanno Windisch, the creator and main instructor of surf survival is both a Freedive instructor and Big Wave Surfer as well as the Jet-Ski Safety Operator for Big Wave legend Alastair Mennie.

Open water swimmers will benefit from our in-depth knowledge of currents and learn vital ocean safety awareness so you know how to stay safe.

For surfers, we have specific beginner and advanced courses where you will learn how to master your fear in the water, raise your confidence when the surf gets bigger and know exactly what to do before, during and after multiple hold-downs. We use advanced breath-hold techniques and training exercises specifically designed to mentally and physically prepare you so you can cope with several hold-downs with a maximum heart-rate and just half a breath of air.

Our surf and open water survival courses teach you everything you have to know to turn a danger zone into a safe zone. Through proper physical as well online education and safety programmes you can gain the knowledge, physical and mental capacity to deal with situations that normally trigger fear, panic and paralysis. Get in touch now.

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